We have the pleasure to announce that during the conference a group art exhibition is going to be displayed, under the title "Lagoons: those vulnerable entities".


The exhibition aims at creating a dialogue between art and science in lagoon research, and it will be set up in the conference area to achieve a meaningful interplay between scientists and artists.


The exhibition includes the work of 21 distinguished artists, in Greece and abroad, from the fields of painting, sculpture and engraving.


List of participating artists


Yannis Adamakos

Aggelos Antonopoulos

Charalambos Dermatis

Yannis Dimitrakis

Yannis Gavalas

Vassilis Karakatsanis

Giannis Kastritsis

Theofilos Katsipanos

Maria Kelaidi

Aggelika Korovessi

Christos Lazarakis

Athina Latinopoulou

Aggeliki Loi

Michalis Manousakis

Irini Matsouki

Tassos Missouras

Helene Pavlopoulou

Dimitra Skandali

Antonis Triantafillou

Katia Varvaki

Stefania Zouroudi


Curator: Dr. Nina Fragopoulou

Marine Biologist

Please also download the exhibition catalogue.




Yannis Adamakos - Untitled, Oil on canvas / 32X50 cm, 2016



Aggelos Antonopoulos - Untitled, Acrylics / 40X40 cm, 2016



Charalambos Dermatis - Blue lagoon, Imprints-mixed technique on plexiglass / 100X70 cm, 1996



Yannis Dimitrakis - Lagoon, Fresco / 140X80 cm, 2017




Yannis Gavalas - Hymn to the rower, Marble, metal, wood / 178Χ20Χ18 cm, 2017


Vassilis Karakatsanis - Carpets2-Lagoon , Monotype, acrylic, gouache / 100X70 cm, 2017



Theofilos Katsipanos - Flat boat, Acrylics and oil on canvas / 200X80 cm, 2017




Giannis Kastritsis - Untitled, Mixed technique on paper / 70X100 cm, 2015





Maria Kelaidi - Lagoon in the morning light, Mixed technique, Collage decollage and oil on canvas / 80X100 cm, 2017




Aggelika Korovessi - Winged words, Bronze, pigment / 185X120X106 cm, 2016




Christos Lazarakis - Transformation, Bronze / 63X71X32 cm, 2008




Athina Latinopoulou - Carouzos, Oil on canvas / 120X40 cm, 2017





Aggeliki Loi - Water colours on paper / 9 works 31Χ24 cm each, 2017



Michalis Manousakis - Untitled, Acrylics on wood / 100Χ140 cm, 1995



Tassos Missouras - Observatory, Acrylics and oil on canvas / 40X60 cm, 2018




Irini Matsouki - Untitled, Acrylics and oil on canvas / 32X80 cm, 2018




Helene Pavlopoulou - Reflexion, Acrylics, egg tempera, pencil on prepared canvas / 80Χ105 cm, 2018



Dimitra Skandali - Untitled, Ink, acrylics, and pen on panel / 20 3 x 20 3 cm, 2017



 Antonis Triantafillou - Untitled, Metal / 40x30 cm, 2008




Katia Varvaki - Mesologgi lagoon, Acrylics and oil on canvas / 80Χ80 cm, 2018 





Stefania Zouroudi - Flux, Acrylics, latex on plexiglass / 100X70 cm, 2017




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