1. Coastal lagoons evolution, Functioning & Climatic changes
  • Main drivers of coastal lagoon evolution
  • Alternative methods to improve coastal lagoons functioning
  • Ecological and biogeochemical modelling of coastal lagoons functioning and impacts.
  • Long term coastal observations of global change (including climate change and climatic variability)
  • Historical reconstruction of global change impacts (including land use change, pollution, sea-level rise)

  1. Biodiversity & Water quality
  • Biodiversity patterns across gradients
  • Biological indicators and water quality assessment
  • WFD implementation in transitional waters
  • Effects of human impacts to ecosystem resilience

  1. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Impacts of fisheries and aquaculture on coastal lagoons
  • Alternative strategies and methodologies for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture activities
  • Key ecosystem processes supporting biological resources

  1. Goods and services, Conservation, Management & Sustainable use
  • Ecosystem services and coastal management
  • Social, cultural and historical values of coastal lagoons
  • Interconnections between lagoons and Marine Protected Areas
  • Energy production in coastal environments
  • Blue growth and blue infrastructures
  • Blue carbon stocks and its potential economic impact in aquatic riverine and underwater ecosystems (e.g. seagrasses)

  1. European networks and Projects in Transitional areas and Lagoons